Female marble statues,
the most representative objects
of the Cycladic Civilization
(3200-2000 BC), are among  the earliest depictions of humans.
Their simplicity and abstraction
inspired the imagination of many renowned
modern artists and sculptors.

“C” is a video sculpture inspired by Cycladic Art.
It is about “She”, about the Sea and about the way we See.
It explores the relationship between the artist and their creation,
stillness and movement, and between ancient and modern,
surrounded by
the hyper-real seascapes of the Aegean.

2016, 5 min, 4K, 2.35:1 Anamorphic


Director / Editor / Concept – Georgis Grigorakis
Producers – Maria Hatzakou, Athina Rachel Tsangari
Cinematographer – Thodoros Michopoulos
Production and Costume design – Vassilia Rozana
Make up – Evi Zafiropoulou
Music – Marilena Orfanou
Sound design and mix – Leandros Dounis
Color correction/online editor – Matt Johnson/Haos Film
Still Photographer – Evgenia Bourzoukou

Sculptress – Pavlina Andrianopoulou
Sculpture / Choreographer – Mary Randou

Produced by: Haos Film, Museum Of Cycladic Art