Athens, August 2012. 45 degrees. The fridge is empty best online casino usa. The situation is very tense. A father changes under the burden of the economic crisis. It’s getting dark and its still boiling hot. A capital at the border of exploding.


2012, 14 min, RED 4K
Anamorphic 2.35:1, Colour, DolbyDigital


  • Athens International Film Festival, Opening Nights
  • Clermont-Ferrand ISFF
  • Festival Tous Cours, France
  • Tetouan International Festival, Marocco
  • European ISFF, Villeurbanne
  • Brussels Short Film Festival
  • Kyiv ISFF, Ukraine
  • Human Rights FilmFest of Donostia / San Sebastian
  • The Norwegian Short Film Festival
  • Los Angeles, Greek Film Festival
  • Baltimore Film Festival
  • Costa Rica Int Film Fest
  • MedFilm Festival, Rome
  • Linea D’ombra Fest, Italy
  • Psarokokalo FilmFest
  • Sequence shortfilm Fest, Toulouse
  • Telluride Film Festival, Colorado
  • 28th Odense IFF , Denmark
  • Ljubljana IFF
  • Capalbio FF, Spain
  • Universo Corto, Elba FF
  • 54th Ciné-Rencontres French FF
  • 28th Brest European SFF
  • Bordeaux Independent IFF
  • Izmir Mediterranean FF, Turkey
  • 11th Shnit ISFF, Switzerland
  • 10th Jameson CineFest IFF, Hungary
  • Sapporo ISFF,  Japan
  • Adana Goldenboll FF
  • Vancouver International Film Festival
  • 17th Winterthur ISFF
  • Other movie’ Festival, Lugano, CH
  • St. Louis International Film Festival
  • 11th IntFest Signes de Nuit / Paris
  • Braunschweig IFF
  • ALCINE – Alcalá de Henares, Madrid
  • 31st Festival Tous Courts
  • Leuven ISFF
  • XXI Sguardi Altrove SFF
  • Fec – European SFF / Spain
  • Go Short – ISFF Nijmegen, Holland
  • Wiz-Art Festival, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Kaliber35 Munich
  • Panorama of European Films, Cairo, Egypt
  • Bratislava IFF
  • Guanajuato Film Festival, Mexico


CAST :  Stelios Xanthoudakis, Yiannis Tsortekis, Eleftheria Komi

Writer/Director/Producer – Georgis Grigorakis
Cinematographer -Claudio Bolivar
Editor – Theodoros Armaos
Production Designer – Yannis Xintaras
Production Manager – Alex Mouratoglou
Production Sound – Leandros Dounis
Sound Design – Kenan Akawwai, Persofoni Miliou
Sound mix – Kostas Varibopiotis
Casting – Stavros Raptis
Make up and Special Make up Effects – Alexandra Mita
Costumes – Loukia Xouliara
SFX – Prokopis Vlaseros

“In Athens, a suffocating capital city, we follow the gradual decau of a father: How is he going to fill the fridge? The image is magnificent and the writing refined”  Clarisse Fabre,  Le Monde

Review: Ouest France newspaper

Distributed by “Les Films des deux rives” in the french cinemas on the Greek short film compilation  “Voyage en cinema grec en temps de crise”.

Distribution:  Canal +,   Mareterreniu Corsica, VOD