“A game is worth it if, in playing it, you forget everything
– even its consequences”

The day has come when Johnny is called back into the game.
Alone and undecided, he walks through the corridors of his memories
and of forgotten rules, right up to the heart of his past,
to pay off the debt.
Johnny pulls the trigger  and the game begins.

SHORT: 21min, Colour, 35mm & 16mm
An NFTS Production, 2012, Dolby Digital

Vangelis Mourikis, Anamaria Marnica
Morgan Watkins, Georg Nikoloff, Andrea Hall


Director/Writer                Georgis Grigorakis
Producer                          Ajay Rai
Co-Writer                         Vangelis Mourikis
Cinematographer           Matthias Pilz
Production Designer      Yovcho Gorchev

Editor                               Balint Tusor
Composer                       Gautier Galard
Sound designer              Steve Bond
Colour Grader                 Louis Largo

SFX                                  Mike Hunter
Sound Recordist            Celine Watts
Boom                              Mick Kearney
Art Director                     Costas Gounaris
Costume Designer        Nefeli Sidiropoulou